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Support Sessions for Trainees

To me, the journey of counselling and psychotherapy training is many things: it nourishes, it challenges, it shifts perspectives, it sheds lights, it creates and breaks bounds, it makes us search inwardly and outwardly. My previous experience as a trainee, lecturer, research supervisor, and my current experience of being a university student counsellor emphasis to me the paramount importance of addressing both emotional and academic needs - which are intertwined – of trainees.

Therefore, as a part of my private practice, I offer support sessions for counselling and psychotherapy trainees. Instead of weekly, these sessions can be booked as you need them. The aim of these sessions is to provide you with a space alongside your training in which you can reflect on your learning and development, talk about your research ideas, and explore any challenges you come across. Please get in touch to discuss arrangements of these sessions.

Book an Appointment

Please book an initial session to discuss what you are looking for from these sessions. 

If there is no slots available on the booking calendar, please get in touch via email to arrange a mutually suitable time. 

You are welcome to book a free 15 minutes consultation call before making a booking for an initial appointment 

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